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Título: Gestión tecnológica en las organizaciones: ¿quiénes deben asumir esta función?


Aronica, Sandra Fabiana /

Peretti, María Florencia /

Resumen: In its first applications, organizations used Information systems (IS) to automate tasks of administrative-accountant nature without adequately consider strategic impact. However, currently the Information Technology (IT) has to support IS to enable strategic improvements and in this sense, the organization must manage its human resources, tasks, technology, culture and structure in accordance with the interdependencies that are generated around to information flows according to business strategies.Thus, in organizations is emerging a new feature, the technological one, that until now was considered only as a business support and now must be considered a greater role within the organization, similar to others such as finance, marketing , production, and therefore must be managed as such.

Publicación: Técnica Administrativa ISSN 1666-1680

Volúmen: 09, Número: 4, Artículo: 3

Fecha de publicación: 15-10-2010


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Revista: Técnica Administrativa - ISSN 1666-1680

Editorial: Ciencia y Técnica Administrativa - CyTA