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Título: Globalización versus regionalización


Gejo, Omar Horacio /

Liberali, Ana María /

Resumen: Due to its imposing presence over the last few yearsand being the subject matter of almost every relevant discussion, not taking into account the level of formality of the former, the concept of globalisation has turned into a supreme idea in which its explanatory and descriptive capacity have achieved an absolute consensus including not only its supporters but also those who are against it. However, beyond all discourse maelstrom brought about by this phenomenon, it is convenient to maintain a healthy prudence, that is a preservative scepticism so as to avoid being carried away by the fierce forces generated by context imposition, which tends to produce "thought-killers", vacuous consensus which leads to the so-called statu quo.

Publicación: Técnica Administrativa ISSN 1666-1680

Volúmen: 04, Número: 2, Artículo: 2

Fecha de publicación: 15-01-2005


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Revista: Técnica Administrativa - ISSN 1666-1680

Editorial: Ciencia y Técnica Administrativa - CyTA